Door Repairs Surrey

Emergency Door Repairs Surrey

Door Repairs SurreyFor door repairs Surrey based Homeserve cover a whole range of services that many locksmiths and glaziers won’t.  Our trained technicians understand what is making a faulty door not work.  They are on hand for emergency door repairs in your Surrey location 24 hours a day.

Door Closers Surrey and More…

Your door develops a fault and it could be for one of many reasons; it’s lost the pivot, fallen off its hinges or dislodged the track. We can repair these faults and replace or repair damaged parts and accessories, keeping you, your staff and your customers safe.

Homeserve technicians in Surrey have a vast and varied knowledge of door closing hardware. Has your door become stiff, are you struggling to close it, maybe it’s not closing at all?  They can identify a problem with a door closer and repair or replace your door closer as necessary. They are skilled in identifying and working with floor closers, transom closers, overhead door closers and concealed door closers.

Door Repairs Surrey – Or Replacement Parts

We stock a large selection of parts and full working units. Our technicians work efficiently and quickly to provide an affordable door repair service to our Surrey clients.  We work with all Glass Door types, Aluminium, Steel, uPVC or Timber Doors.


Door Closers and Controls Surrey

Generally door closers are found on fire doors where self-closing is a legal requirement, and elsewhere where it is convenient to ensure that doors stay shut. They range from economic uncontrolled door slammers to sophisticated models that operate only in emergencies and can be adjusted for changing conditions. HomeServe Security are able to provide overhead door closers that meet the current DDA requirements for door opening forces.

Concealed Door Closers Surrey

Concealed Overhead Door CloserConcealed door closers are often preferred in domestic and high end applications. Jamb mounted versions range from the BSEN1154 conforming adjustable Powermatic, to the mid range Perkomatic down to the original Perko door closer.  Overhead concealed closers combine the efficiency of overhead closers with the aesthetics associated with concealed closers and consequently are often found in hotels and quality developments. Various finishes can be applied to the joining arm and overhead channel to special order.

Overhead Door Closers

Overhead door closers are probably the most efficient and popular means of closing a door and here we have a selection to cover most door sizes. HomeServe Security overhead door closers are normally supplied with push and pull side fittings for convenience with standard, hold open and swing-free variants.

Floor Springs and Floor Pivots

Floor springs are useful in high traffic areas and/or where the doors are required to swing both ways double acting. These can also be used to swing gib concealed doors, usually as a single acting variant. Electro-magnetic hold open options are also available to special order.

Floor pivots perform similar tasks to floor springs but are not self closing, so strictly speaking are not door controls.

Miscellaneous Closers and Dorgard

Miscellaneous closers and accessories covers various non-standard closing devices along with door selectors and friction stays.

Dorgards are stand-alone door holders that release the door upon hearing a fire alarm, allowing a separately fitted door closer to close the door. These allow for wire free installation.